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Hottest New Trend in Fashion: Leg Chains

Jewelry is to your outfit what frosting is to the cupcake. It makes it look good, adds a smile to your face, and is totally necessary. While the world has become accustomed to the look of bracelets, earrings, and necklaces, you can break out of this monotony with something new. Leg chains may be just the ticket you have been looking for. If you are not familiar with this latest style, be prepared to be amazed.

Leg chains are a growing trend in jewelry that you can use to dress up your legs. Much like a garter belt, they wrap around your upper thigh or are connected to your undergarments. However, when they are being worn, it appears as though the sparkle and shine is simply hanging from no where or floating around your lovely legs.

Just as any other type of jewelry, you can find a style of leg chain that works for you. Some are simple and elegant, while others are bold and on the edge of risque. Some have multiple chains that hang down to the knees in an extravagant fashion. Others are simple and hang tightly to the body to not be so prominent. You are sure to find one, or several, that suits your needs.

You can also change the look of each one depending on how you wear it. For example, you could dress up jean shorts and a plain t-shirt with a leg chain. It adds a bit of sparkle on a summer day as your legs are already glistening in the sun. Or you can wear one with a short skirt to dress up a party dress. You can even wear a leg chain under a long dress with a side cut for a peek-a-boo effect with pizzazz.

Don’t limit yourself to wearing the leg chain when you are dressed in an outfit that shows off your gams. Experiment with the style over tights or leggings. It adds texture and sparkle to a part of your body that is usually ignored when it is a solid color. You could even pair the leg chain with a pair of tight blue jeans that need some spicing up. Once you have one of these magical accessories in your hands, you will feel the creative juices flowing when you hold it up to your wardrobe.

When you invest in a leg chain, you are investing in your fashion sense. This trend is sure to catch on quick, but you can be ahead of the game. You can turn heads, invoke jealousy, and prompt fashionistas to turn to you for advice. Check out a couple of the styles we have to offer to complete your look with a leg chain.