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DIY Leg Chains

Leg chains are an easy DIY and all that is needed are few items that can be purchased at a Michaels or a Jo-Ann Fabrics. You may also have many of these products lying around your house. Leg chains are a hot new trend that can make any outfit sexier and add a bit of edge. The materials that will be needed to make the leg chains are a

8” Thick Chain

Thinner Chain

Jewelry Pliers

Elastic Band

Jump rings

Measure your thigh and cut a piece of elastic that would fit snuggly around it. You will want to measure that part of your thigh that you wish for the leg chain to rest on. Take into regards if you want you leg chain resting up higher or lower on your thigh. Once you have chosen the spot on your thigh are sure of the correct measurement begin sewing the two sides of the elastic together. Take the thick chain and use the jump rings to attach the thick chain to the elastic to create the center of your leg chain. If you plan for the elastic to be seen you can wrap a fabric or felt around it to hide the elastic band.

Then cut two strips of the thinner chain, but both strips will need to be of equal length. You can choose whichever length you wish the chains to be depending on the look you want for your leg chain. Typically a thinner chain is cut at around 12”, but you can cut yours longer or shorter, just make sure it is long enough for the circumference of your leg. Once you have cut two equal length pieces of the thinner chain you will want to attach them to your center thick chain using jump rings.

This will give you a standard leg chain but if you wish to add some glitz to your leg chain then can had little jewels to your two thinner chains. You can also add thinner chains to your center thick chain to give a more dramatic look. You can also play around with the color of the chains to create a contrast and give a more edgy look. There are plenty of patterns that can be found for your leg chains, though they are a bit more difficult. One of the edgier patterns that can be made with your leg chains is a spider web, which would need many of the thinner chains to achieve the look.