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Styles of Leg Chains

Leg chains have been around for as long us most of us can remember. They can be seen on the high society of the Roman Empire, Egyptian princesses and even the elite of the Asian dynasties. As much as they have been around for eons, the trend comes and goes. We are now yet again at the peak of its explosion as more and more women are using them to enhance their overall look. The celebs in mass media are a perfect example of just how appealing the trend has become.

Leg chains come in quite a wide variety of styles and there is a leg chain out there for every type of woman. It all boils down to a matter of tastes, preferences and as usual, budget. Below are some of the styles that are all the rage today and are being made by even the most famous high end fashion designers. You can get these in a variety of materials ranging from stainless steel to the expensive gold and platinum collections.

Single Band Leg chains

These are the most common style of leg chains. The reason for their popularity is due to the fact that they are so easy to wear and do not weight a lot. They can be pulled off with a wide variety of dress codes to enhance ones overall look. For example, you can wear them with summer shorts during the day and then at night with an elegant dinner gown with a revealing slit. The single band leg chains like the name suggests will come as just one simple chain that clings to the upper thigh.

Multiple chain Leg chains

Multiple chain leg chains are perhaps the newest fad. They consist of many chains put together to form one accessory for your leg. These chains that are put together can be all the same or of different styles coming together to form a pattern. This style is best pulled off with a punk rock look with summer shorts. There are however some very elegant high end designs that can be used with evening wear as well.

Type of Clasp

The last thing defining between the different styles of leg chains is the type of clasp used to open and close them. Various designers come up with their own models as they see fit. The most common however is the spring lock that you pull back and it snaps back in place once in the loop.